Deputy Director & Senior Policy Counsel of Litigation, NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Member, North Star Fund Board of Directors

Donor since 2005

Elise Boddie

Scales of Justice
New York State Flag

My vision for the future:
A more open, just and equitable society in which all people have opportunity and not just those who are already born with privilege, access, and power. I am a civil rights lawyer. So for me, the scales of justice reflect a vision of fairness and meaningful equality.

Elise Boddie

In our country, opportunity all too often tracks race and socioeconomic status. Millions of people are living in poverty without access to jobs, a quality education, housing, or healthcare. Children are trapped in underperforming, racially segregated and underfunded public schools. Employers use racially biased hiring tests that deny people of color decent jobs. We have a criminal justice system that is fundamentally broken and feeds a massive prison industrial complex which is draining the life out of our communities.

I became involved with North Star because I recognize that we need a variety of tools to press for social change. Law is one tool. Community organizing--the kind of work that North Star Fund supports--is another. At its very core, North Star's work is about providing resources to communities so they can fight these inequities on the frontline on their own terms. North Star puts resources in the hands of organizations who are building capacity and leadership among people who are directly affected, who are changing conditions on the ground--like abusive policing or unaccountable school officials--and who are organizing to change law and policy.

I started as a donor. The former board chair, Arva Rice, recruited me to join the board in early 2006. Now, five years later, I'm still involved as a board member because over and over again, I have found that there is 100% alignment between what North Star does and my vision for a fairer, more equitable and more just society.