Celebrating LGBTQ Pride By Working to End Police Violence

News | June 26, 2014

With a massive, joyous parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City this weekend, it's easy to overlook why we celebrate LGBTQ Pride in late June. The event that is considered the turning point of the late 20th century movement...


North Star Fund Leadership Updates

News | June 25, 2014

New York City is a dynamic, ever changing place. This is also true of the organizations that call the Big Apple home. As we move into the second half of our 35th Anniversary year as New York City's premier...


Remembering North Star Fund Honoree Ruby Dee

News | June 17, 2014

North Star Fund is part of the chorus of praise for Ruby Dee, longtime North Star Fund donor activist, award-winning actress, and North Star Fund 1994 Frederick Douglass Award Honoree (Dee is pictured accepting the award on the right)....


"Where our power lies." Activists speak on Mayor de Blasio's first 100 days

News | June 4, 2014

"With the first progressive mayor in a generation, the stakes are high. The city, the nation, the world is watching." This was how Rinku Sen, Executive Director of Race Forward, framed a vibrant discussion at North Star Fund on Wednesday,...


Change Capital Investments: One Tool for Moving to Abundance

Blog | Posted by Meghan McDermott | June 1, 2014

Social justice nonprofits understand all too well the relentless challenge of keeping the lights on while trying to meet their missions. Rarely do they have support and space to plan for sustainability in ways that are self-determined rather than...


Greening Western Queens Fund Featured in DNAInfo.com Story

News | May 28, 2014

The Greening Western Queens Fund, administered by North Star Fund, was featured in a DNAInfo.com news story, "New Trees and Community Gardens Sprout from ConEd Blackout Settlement." The story outlines some of the recent accomplishments of the fund, including close...


Victory for People with AIDS who want to stay in their homes

Blog | Posted by Wanda Hernandez | April 25, 2014

Over 10,000 low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS will now get to stay in their homes, and hundreds more will move out of shelters, because of a new "30% rent cap" affordable housing protection signed into law by Governor Cuomo...


35 Years and Looking Forward to Activism's Future

News | April 24, 2014

Anniversaries, as much as anything, are an opportunity to reflect. For North Star Fund at 35, we are at a point of unprecedented growth and impact, and find ourselves entering a historic moment for New York City. North Star Fund...


Education Justice Fund Focuses on Parent and Youth Leaders

News | April 24, 2014

Over the course of more than a decade, the Bloomberg administration closed schools, silenced community voices in education policy-making, and increased surveillance and police presence in New York City's public schools. As a result of these and other factors,...


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